Woo Myung- Beautiful Poems to understand the Mind

Updated: Mar 18


People live with longing,

not knowing what they must live for.

People live in this world

laughing, crying, talking, and sighing.

The sadness passes with the years,

but one lives attached to it.

The Universe exists as it is

and thus all creations in the world

are absent of attachments.

There is no sadness in the Universe,

but man alone has countless kleshas.

Man alone thinks ceaselessly in vain

and thus lives creating useless kleshas.

excerpted from the book titled ' Nature's Flow' p 226

Nature's Flow 1

When the wind blows,

I follow the wind;

and when the rain falls,

it soaks my body.

When you live life without minds,

life is simply what it is.

Without blaming time that continues to pass,

I just live.

Unaware of good or bad,

I just live.

excerpted from the book titled ' Mind' p 16

Nature 1

Mountain birds live in the mountains;

river birds live near the river;

and seabirds live by the ocean.