About Us

New Jersey Online Meditation offers the greater New Jersey community with a unique and trans-formative meditation practice to find truth and paradise within. 

We are now operating a fully virtual meditation center.  We have been amazed by the powerful transformation and effectiveness of online classes.  

Meditation allows ones mind to become accepting and bigger. An open and big mind can accept and harmonize so we can become oneness. When you become oneness you can help others, you can help the community and you can have harmony with others.

Our guided meditation practice allows people to cleanse and empty their mind of all their pain and stress to live everyday with freshness and clarity. After meditation behavior and actions change, the more you cleanse out the more you will become free.  Finding peace within so will learn how to live without conflicts. You can restart with a clean, new and fresh mind. 

We have been operating as Palisades Park Mediation, but happy to announce we have become fully operational online. We are also operating two meditation with In-person guidance.

We are serving in person guidace on a one on one basis  at our locations: 

Teaneck Meditation

Lyndhurst Meditation


Come join us as living as your True Original Nature. 

NJ Online Meditation
Non-profit Organization
AKA: Palisades Park Meditation
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